About Us

The idea of a Barathanatya Dance Association was mooted by a few dance teachers as early as 2005 when under the direction of Nattuva Thilagam Mrs.Indra Manikam it was felt that with the mushrooming of several dance schools throughout Malaysia there was a need to get together and share our ideas as a group. As Malaysians we are very proud to have inherited the Art and impart the knowledge as taught to us by our gurus.

The Guru-Sishya parampara tradition is very much entrenched in most of the Dance schools and as an Indian diaspora, we are proud to carry on with this greattradition handed down by our Gurus. In around June 2005, the dance teachers (Ms. Shanthi Murgiah, Mrs. Shyamala Kandiah, Shri Ravi Maniam, Mrs. Kumudhini Sivanathan, Mrs.Mallika Perumal, Mrs. Gayatri Ramesh, Shri Chandramohan, Shri Lingeshwaran & Dr. Aruna Gopinath) met at the home of Mrs. Indra Manikam (No.9, Jalan Cumarasami, Jalan Ipoh) to consolidate our views on the teaching of the Art in Malaysia. We decided to form a Sabha to bring all Barathanatya teachers in Malaysia under one umbrella so that we can have a better relationship and also share our knowledge to improve the Art. It was felt that once a student completes his/her arangetram (graduation) there is a tendency to institutionalize a dance school/academy and he/she functions in his/her own enclave. To break this ice the teachers felt there must be recognition of all teachers in this country who are taking great pains to share their knowledge with their students and others.